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Top 5 Locksmiths in the Media!

September 1, 2015 Eugene Song

Now when I say "Quick who is the most famous locksmith, character in a movie or TV show?" I don't immediately get flooded with images of one famous locksmith after another. So I did some searching online to find cool locksmiths in various forms of entertainment medium, and came up with this definitive list. Now there's no real reason for the ranking than how much I giggled when I first saw the image on Google images, or it might have just been the order in which I thought to include them. Or it's just totally random, you'll never know! HA, HA, HA!!! Anyway, without further delay.

5. Saru Lock

From what I understand Saru Lock is based on a Japanese Manga about a son of a locksmith who ends up going on wild adventures. It seems like it has been included in some film festivals.
I must say, I've never seen a locksmith dressed so cool, so I had to include Saru Lock on this prestigious blog article.

4. The Key Maker from The Matrix Reloaded

Does anyone really remember why the Key Maker was in the movie? But do you remember how amazing it was that he could find the right key with that many keys!!!!
If your cutting spare keys for the Oracle, you know you have to be a legit locksmith.

3. Rorshach from Watchmen

Now Rorshach is not technically a locksmith in the Watchmen franchise, however he does display some accurate locksmith knowledge. Found this really cool picture of Rorshach on Wallpaperest.

In the movie Rorschach is depicted picking a lock on a lateral file cabinet at Veidt's office. He takes out an HPC zipper case, picks a proper wrench, and gets to work on the lock with both hands. It takes him like three rakes to pick it, then he rotates the plug 90 degrees. It's a tiny scene in the movie, but it is done accurately. Maybe Rorschach was a locksmith before his super hero days... Actually found this observation from Reddit user Fenwick 23.

2. The Locksmith from... The Locksmith

The Locksmith is a graphic novel written by Terrance Grace. It's all about a locksmith who somehow ends up with a key that can open up a door which contains the beginning and end of the universe. Here's a cool interview with the author.

The story was partly inspired by Space Odyssey 2001. We do agree that locksmiths have the most important job in the universe as well.

1. Locksmith (rapper)

Locksmith is a very unique rapper from the Bay Area (Northern California). He is a great example of a rapper who uses the art form to bring attention to social issues, but he is also a great example of an excellent word smith!

I was trying to find out why he calls himself Locksmith, but I couldn't find any information about it. I'll make a conjecture and say that it's because he has his mic skills on lock.

I can only hope my article will inspire further works of creativity that involves locksmiths! Hopefully you're not reading this when you're locked out of your car in Anaheim, CA. But if you are, you can get help from Fast Locksmith Anaheim! And I hope you enjoyed my article as well.

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Recent Posts

Larry Agran, Transparent Practice Locks, and Irvine Politics
Top 5 Locksmith in the Media
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