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What To Do If You Lost Your Keys

July 9, 2015 Myra Bahl

The most important thing we do here at Fast Locksmith Orange County is to open your car or your door as soon as we can; we put people back to their house. Wherever you may have left your keys, in the park, house, in your jeans pocket, or even if you have outright lost them. Everything will be fine because we can get you new keys of any type, size, color, or shape.

1. Retrace The Places You’ve Been

Many people get stress or headaches losing their keys. Retrace all the places you have been or go to places that you have recently visited and ask friends or people you been with the last few hours. This can potentially save you time so you do not have to physically travel to each spot.

2. Let Your Neighbors Know

Although this may seem odd, it is extremely helpful to inform your close neighbors that you are looking for your keys. By telling your neighbor the situation they might be able keep an eye on your property or car if you lost your key. Close neighbors could prevent strangers from entering your home by being an extra set of eyes watching over your home. If you do not have close neighbors it might be better to skip this step.

3. Change Locks

If you couldn’t find your keys you will have to change or rekey your locks. It is important in case somebody ends up finding your keys and tries to enter your house with them. People typically will have most of their keys on one keychain, so you may have to end up rekeying your car, office, and any other keys you may have misplaced.

Losing keys is never fun, and possibly even stressful, but by knowing what to and if you are prepared, you can quickly and safely resolve the issue. If you have any questions and need some advice, definitely give us a call today and a certified Locksmith Orange County can come assist your right away.

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Needed these guys at 3 am the other day and they came out to help. I knew that they would help. They're simply astonishing!
-Matt Foster, Irvine

These guys are great and very skillful. I needed some padlocks replace in my house since they were old and rusty. They came out and did they job very clean and fast.
-Farrah Meisel, Aliso Viejo

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