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What is Rekey Service?

Many people get confused about the word "rekey" and what it is. Rekeying is the process where a locksmith changes the internal mechanisms of a lock so that the original key will not work with the lock. The lock is reconfigured to work with new keys that are meant for the newly rekeyed lock.

Fast Locksmith offers premium rekey service throughout Orange County.

A great question that many of our clients have asked is, why would you rekey a lock when you can just change your locks? With the professional level of service, the task is done very quickly and affordably, which makes it a viable option compared to changing locks.

Another reason some customers choose to rekey, is when they want to keep the aesthetic of a certain type of lock decoration, in which case one can rekey to keep the old locks but still have a new set of keys.

Reasons to Rekey

  • Moving into a new house or office it is important to have locks re-keyed
  • Previous tenants/owners could've given you all their keys, but other people still might have copies
  • Lost or stolen keys is a time when you should immediately rekey your locks
  • If you are renting out property, rekeying is important between tenants
  • If a roommate moves out, it is best practice to have the locks rekeyed

Even if you have been returned all original keys, it is very easy to have someone duplicate your keys. Rekeying is a great way to make sure nobody else has access to your property.

We even provide a master key service, which is a single key that will work on all the locks in the house. Rekeying your locks to work with a single key can make things much more convenient.

The Best Way to Rekey your Locks

It is incredibly important to find a trustworthy, experienced, and certified locksmith to provide rekeying service for you. Fast Locksmith has a whole team of certified locksmiths who have had many years of experience in the field. We can provide service 24 hours a day at any location you may find yourself in. We pride ourselves in your family security and home safety!


Needed these guys at 3 am the other day and they came out to help. I knew that they would help. They're simply astonishing!
-Matt Foster, Irvine

These guys are great and very skillful. I needed some padlocks replace in my house since they were old and rusty. They came out and did they job very clean and fast.
-Farrah Meisel, Aliso Viejo

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